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Orange County Paranormal research and Investigations are NON-Profit If you're experiencing a hunting or strange activity, Our lead Investigator will come in and ......


1. Conduct an interview .... Why do an Interview? So that way we can conclude what kind of a haunting you may have, A home haunting or an attachment haunting, or even an object attachment.

2. Also to figure out if we need to conduct a full investigation, sometimes we need to come in several times.

3. Offer advice once we determined what kind of haunting you may have, such as smudging, salting of the grounds prayers, blessings, etc.



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All of our investigators are volunteers, WE DO NOT CHARGE,All of our tools of the trade are purchased with their own funds, Donations accepted NEVER expected, we will never ask for a donation, If we do get a donation it goes to expanding our equipment. Our volunteers are willing to help people who are in need of our unique service.

Founder of O.C.P.R.I.

The founder is a retired k-9 Unit and a ret Ca. Lic Private Investigator, The founder formed a 

Paranormal group, We conduct all investigations in the same way as any other Investigation.


Volunteers WANTED.........

We have 2 full time investigators and 4 p/t volunteers, Wa are always in need of F/T and or P/T volunteers because our P/T volunteers have their full times jobs, 

Our Investigators are ALWAYS adding the very                 latest tools used by the professionals...

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